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When to Consider a Window Replacement

Deciding when to repair or replace your windows can be difficult. It’s important to be able to acknowledge whether you need a window repair or a window replacement. Continue below to learn the most popular reasons why you should consider a replacement window.

Health Risk

If you live in an older home, there is a higher chance your windows have paint with a lead-base. Lead is a toxic substance that has shown to lead to health risks for everyone, specifically children. A good rule of thumb when determining if your windows have a lead paint is considering the year they were installed. Any window installed before 1978 will most likely have a lead paint.


As time goes on, windows are prone to become drafty. In other words, air from inside and outside the home will easily escape. This can lead to a decrease in energy efficiency. Even though a window replacement might be pricy, you will ultimately end up saving a ton of money from not having to crank the heat up extra high during the winter.


Whether or not you had control of the design aesthetic of the windows in your home, it’s completely normal to become tired of their aesthetic. If you think your windows are holding back your home’s personality, or you want to minimize or maximize the amount of light flowing into your home, consider a window replacement. After all, a simple repair isn’t going to change much of a window’s aesthetic.

Whether you want a replacement window for health, energy, or design reasons, get in touch with All Seasons Window & Door Co. today! We are dedicated to providing you with state of the art windows that are durable and innovative. So, what are you waiting for? Make your window dreams a reality and give us a call.


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